During her development as an artist Connie Eales has grappled with the struggle between truth and illusion.  She has come to the conclusion that art is the truth you want to believe.  When you experience Connie’s paintings you see that she interprets and transforms reality in such a way that her values become immediately apparent.   Every painting tells a story.

When Connie bought her first oil painting by a relatively unknown artist it changed her life.  She realised that art would be her code for living, both as a collector and as an artist in her own right.

Connie Eales does not enter art competitions or prizes but takes commissions and holds exhibitions periodically so as to share the pleasure she derives from exploring and experimenting.  Connie also has post-graduate qualifications in Museum & Gallery Studies and has curated many group exhibitions.

Collectors have described her work as addictive and many patrons own several of her pieces.

Connie feels that her own collection of paintings by Australian artists never depreciates.  Quite the contrary.  People who own an Eales painting can say the same.

Connie Eales